Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Retail, Central Display, Gondolas, Supermarket, Food Hall, Farm Shop, free standing,

CD042G | Wooden Gondola Shelving with Display Ends

Classic mid height Gondola Displays.

Set the tone of your supermarket with our rustic best selling Gondola shelving units. Their natural charm and robustness makes them perfect for displaying bakery, fine foods and grocery products. The freestanding shelving stands come in modules of 1 meter & 500mm widths and feature with open & flexible end of bay Tallboys.


CD046c | Front of Store Display with Open Wicker Shelving

Retail Tables, plinths and Central Displays:.

Our Artisan Crate range of wooden shop tables, chunky plinths, metal framed open shelving and cubes make perfect building blocks for central display features. Versatile eye catching seasonal displays with natural appeal. Scroll down and click on any of the combinations for product breakdown and pricing

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Retail, Central Display, Gondolas, Supermarket, Food Hall, Farm Shop

CD042 | Retail Gondola Shelving Display with Rustic Ends

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Retail, Central Display, Gondolas, Island, Supermarket, Food Hall, Farm Shop, free standing,

Grocery Gondola with Promotional ends | CD042B


CD039a | Front of Store Island Display


CD005a | Set of Three Nesting Gift Tables

CD008 gondola

CD008 | Rustic Store gondola with A frame ends

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Retail, Central Display, Gondolas, Supermarket, Food Hall, Farm Shop, Island, free standing display, wicker

CD068c | Tall Central Island with Narrow Crates and 860mm Tallboy Ends


CD063a | Stepped 1m Plinths with Counter Top


CD005d | 1m Gift Table & Raised Plinth

free standing, wooden, gondola, retail store, supermarket, farm shop

General Store Gondola Unit with Shelving ends | CD042a

Gondola Island rustic crates

CD042ab | 3.5m Free Standing Rustic Supermarket Gondola


CD046f | Narrow Central Bakery Display

Supermarket bakery, Bread stand, front of store, wicker baskets, deli, farm shop display, wooden display stand, artisan

CD046 | Metal display stand with rustic wooden shelves

Retail interior merchandising cube unit. store cube display. merchandising crate display range

CD066d | Central Stack with 400mm Deep Cubes and Crates

Shop floor island display units.

900mm wide x 900mm deep (consisting of small 500 x 400mm cubes)

Gondola Central Shelving Display with interchangeable, multi-height cube modules, open free-flowing layouts providing “islands of delight” and an overall rustic appeal for product placement.


CD046b | Narrow Pantry Tallboy Island shown with Header Sign

Narrow Central Plinth Display with Mid Height Tallboy.

1280mm wide x 560mm deep.

Use the plinth with our merchandising risers and wicker baskets for attractive seasonal displays, the tallboy adds height and signage opportunities, shown with alternating sloping pantry trays with metal inserts.

retail-cube-system. chunky cubes, central store wooden gondola, chunk crates, retail display

CD067c | Rustic Shop Display Cube Island with Wooden Crates


CD055ac | Cubes & Crates Shelving Shop System Central Display

Wooden Central Shop Display, Rustic Merchandising pallets with Rustic Shop Accessories, Metal Tallboy display, Gift Shop Display, Christmas Display

CD046c | Front of Store Display with Open Wicker Shelving


CD053b | Mobile Double-Sided Island Unit Mid Height

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Retail, Central Display, Gondolas, Supermarket, Food Hall, Farm Shop, Island

CD068b | Bakery Gondola with A Frame Ends


CD068a | Central island with Narrow Deep Open Crates and Tallboy Ends


CD031 |Deli Island display


TB007 | Single 800mm Bay Tallboy with Table Top Slopers Double Sided


Wi007 | Narrow Wine Supermarket Promotional Display

classic wooden trestle table with merchandising props. retail display tables

FT004a | Chunky trestle table 1500mm


CD066f | Open Cube & Crates on 1500mm Table

Rustic Cubes Sitting on 1.5m Gift Table:

Artisan Crates Cubes used here as an open devisional display, often used between cafe and sales floor or as window display. Using our 500 x 400mm cubes and deep four board deep chunky crates.


CD056ab | Cube Island Display

Cube Island Interior Spaces:

Artisan Crates Cubes, metal frames with wooden decks, interchangable modules (Large 1m x 640mm Cubes, Medium 640mm x 500mm, Small 500mm x 400mm). Build your own displays to fill amazing spaces.

Bakery-island-display, front-of-store-cubes, Wooden-shop-centre-gondola

CD065a | 640mm Cube Island

retail outlet shelving, warehouse gift shop cube display

CD055b | Artisan Cube Central Display

Wooden display equipment, home retail and gift shops, rustic interior design

CD066da | Central Low Stack with 400mm Cubes and Crates


CD063ae | 1m Raised Plinth with Worktop

cube and crate shop shelving display

CD067a | 1200mm Open Store Cube Island


CD065b | 640mm x 500mm Cube Island


CD066ha | 500mm Pedestal with Cube Top


CD066hc | Small Giftshop Pedestal Island

Warehouse-Houseplants-Cube-and-Crates, retail display, shop shelving, front of store, gift shop

CD055a | Rustic Shop Large Cube Central Display

Modular Cube System. Rustic Plinth Shop Display

CD066ea | Central Island with Narrow Open Stack

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Slat wall, Slat Screen, Hanging, Pet Shop, Retail, Garden Centre, Clothes

CD063gd | 1.5m wooden slatwall panel on Pedestals

Gift Shop Pedestals-with-white-bases-and-slat-screen-top

CD063gb | Pedistals and 1m Slatted Panel


CD067b | Stepped Narrow Cubes on Raised Plinth

Rustic Merchandising pallets with Rustic Shop Accessories, Gift Shop Displays, Hanging display, Slat Screen, Chrsitmas Shop Display

CD063ah | 2m Raised Plinth with Pedestal Top and Slatwall Panel

Impulse queuing system displays with wicker and rustic wooden plinths

CD071b | In Queue 3m Plinth with Merchandising Risers and Pallets


CD063ca | 1m Raised Plinths Island Display


CD066ce | Low Level Cubes on Raised Plinth


CD064bb | Narrow Island Display 1m Cube Table with Raised Plinth


CD039 | Front of Store Tasty Nesting Tables


CD064bc | 1m Cube Island with Table Top Sloper

retail display system with open cubes, open counter display

CD070c | Cube Island with 1m High Cubes and Chunky Crates


Counter019 | Retail shelving system, cube and wooden crate gondola display

food market cube display, wooden deck shelving

CD070b | 1m Cube Retail Gondola


CD070a | High 1m Cube on 300mm Plinth


Wi015 | Wine island with Multi-tier ends


CD055db | Cube Central Display


CD070e | Cube Island with Gift Table

Front-of-store rustic display cube

CD070ac | 1m Rustic Cube System, Front of Store with Raised Plinth


Wi031e Wine Island on Stepped Plinths


CD065e | 640mm Cube Sitting on Double Plinth with Merchandising Risers

Retail cube system, Central Display, Wood and Metal display, Gifts, Ambient Food, Modular, Retail, Cubes, home interiors, house plant

CD056d | Set of Cube Tables with Crate Stack


CD056ha | Large Retail Cube Island ideal for Garden Centres


CD066c | Open Backed Cube & Crate Wall Display 400mm Deep

Wooden Trestle Table for central Shop display, Rustic Table for Gift Shop, Farm Shop and Garden central Displays, Rustic Shop Accessories

FT004ca | Large Trestle Table 2200mm at 800mm high

Central & Front of Store Displays:

Artisan Crates includes a selection of Trestle Tables and Display Cubes, combine these with our Tallboys and Chunky Crates for flexible front of store displays, Window and Central Display.


CD002 | Open chunky crates on gift tables


CD004b | Gift Island Display with Staggered Deep Open Crates


GCD004 | Central Table Display 2.2m

Gift Shop fixture with mid height chunky crates and ladders

CD012 | Mid height crates on low gift tables with ladder ends


CD018 | Set of chunky Trestle tables and chunky crates


CD004 | Staggered gift & open chunky crates


Cd053a | Mobile Double-Sided Island Unit


FTC004ab | 1m Mobile Display with Wicker Baskets


WD053 | Deep Chunky Mobile Display


Clothes021 Clothes A Frame


Clothes033b | Mid Height 2240mm Tallboy Clothing Display


Clothes026 | 1.5m Mobile Clothing Display


Clothes033a | Mid Height Clothes Tallboy 560mm


Clothes028 | Clothes Ladder 1900mm


Clothes017 | 1900mm Ladder with Open Chunky Crates on Casters


CD010 | Ladders with extension shelves


CD010a | Rustic Ladder units

For downloadable brochures on Linkshelvings Central Display Fixtures, click on the links below:

Rustic Merchandising pallets with Rustic Shop Accessories, Gift Shop Displays