Rustic Gift Shop Cube Display | CD067c

This display is 1.7m high & 800mm wide, made with 500 x 400mm modules sitting on raised plinths.

The Rustic Cube Island, a unique gift shop display, creates a visually stimulating store layout. Inspiring open free-flowing shop interior with simple to build “gift cube displays”.

Cube-Island-Haymarket-urban food hall, warehouse in-store display, visitor centre and shop, retail experience, farm shop
Gift shop cube display

Front of Store Cube Island | CD070bb

1m wide x 1.3m high.

The two-tier open Cube Island is excellent for focusing popular brands and high margin products. Also ideal at Christmas time for foods & gift displays.

Using our large 1m cube & plinth modules and merchandising risers.

Hotel retail experience, food shop display, drink and wine display, gift shop, sea-side, visitor centre, rustic shelving, Central Display with Metal Table and plinths

Gift Shop Random Wall Shelving  | WD037

2500mm wide by 2700mm high 

Wall Shelving made with modular chunky wooden crates in white and shades of grey with different points of interest for fragrances, gifts, candles & other random small items.

Using our chunky 500mm x 500mm and 1m x 500mm crates flanked by Full Height Artisan crates.

gift shop shelving, candles, white, rustic random
Garden Centre display shelving, life style display, gift display, shelving for visitor centre, rustic shelving for gift shops

Wall Combination with Hanging | WD044 | 2m

Comes in 500mm and 1m modules.

A three board deep Wall Shelving easy to assemble with two hook racks included, ideal for exhibiting anything from artisanal crafts to souvenirs and everything in between, trinkets, candles, ceramics, and small decor pieces, allowing each product to shine.

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Wall, Gifts, Retail, Modular
stacking crates

Gift Shop Wooden Crate Shelving System | WD077a

Elevate the presentation of your curated collection of gifts, ceramics, food delights and premium wines, with our shelving system, a perfect backdrop inviting customers to indulge in the treasures of your gift shop.

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Slat wall, Slat Screen, Hanging, Pet Shop, Retail, Garden Centre, Clothes

Wooden Slatwall Screen on Merchandising Pedestals | CD063d

Free standing rustic slatwall with saddle hooks on both sides. Works with our various tables and low level plinths.

The Wooden Slatwall Screen is a tailored solution for presenting garden tools, plant accessories, pet supplies &toys, fresh blooms &arrangements and festive holiday décor. Ideal for gift areas in garden centres, pet shops & florists.

In-Store Pedestal-and-Plinth-florist-shop-display
classic wooden trestle table with merchandising props. retail display tables

Wooden Gift Shop Trestles Table Display | FT004a

The Wooden Gift Shop Trestle Table, a versatile centrepiece is designed for a delightful array of gifts, plants, Christmas decorations, candles, fragrances, soaps and more. Exudes the rustic charm of natural wood.


Wooden Clothes Frame Island Display | Clothes031

The Wooden Clothes Frame Island is an elegant display for clothes, outdoor items, gardening attire & gardening gloves and related accessories, in a feature display creating an inviting shopping experience for customers.

Wooden fashion retail display, Garden Centre Clothing Department, Rustic clothes retail free standing unit

Clothes001 | Clothes A Frame & Ladder Gondola

The Clothes A Frame with Ladder Gondola is a dynamic feature for clothing, bags, and outdoor gear in retail settings such as outdoor shops and beyond. A variation of the Clothes Frame Island with the wooden ladder in addition that makes this a central piece.

Garden Centre Interiors, Garden Centre Clothes Display Units, Free Standing Display Unit, Wooden Retail System, Shopfitting equipment, Department Stores
Clothes A frame with slat-rack

Rustic display equipment for holiday campsite shops, natural interior shelving.


Clothes003 | Clothing Wall Crates 2520mm

Rustic shop fixtures displaying clothes and accessories

Clothes022 | Wall A Frame combination

gift clothes

WD053 | Deep Chunky Mobile Display

  • Stained £450.05
    Painted £496.09

TB001 | Tallboy Shelving 500mm


CD037 | Trestle Table Combination with Open Chunky Crates

  • Stained £533.93
    Painted £567.79

CD036 | Tall Boy with extended plinth

  • Stained £363.35
    Painted £381.56

Cd049 | Greeting Card Island