Retail Plinth Bases Display System:

Linkshelving offer three modules of plinths in two or three board heights. Large Plinth Base 1m x 640mm. Medium Plinth Base 640mm x 500mm. Small Plinth Base 500 x 400mm. Simply stack up the plinth bases to increase the heights and add chunky wooden worktops for eye catching displays. Our plinth modules are compatible with our, cubes, crates and tables. Scroll the page below for examples:


CD063ai | Two four board plinths with chunky wooden worktop, 1 meter modules.

Butt together two of our largest plinths (1m x 640mm) five board high (shown here in chalk white) add our 2.2m antique oak chunky wooden worktop and create, for a low level front of store promotional display. Add merchandising risers, rustic pallets and wicker baskets for versatile and beautiful shop interiors.

Painted plinth modular system. Retail displays

CD063gc | Stepped plinth bases retail display with 500mm modules.

For a multi height stepped retail display, mix two painted 500mm x 400mm plinth based (painted white), first plinth two boards high and the second plinth four boards high with a chunky wooden worktop. Linkshelving have a range of plinth bases in various heights, for exceptional seasonal promotions and retail interiors.

Large 1m x 640mm Plinth Modules:


CD063ae | 1m Raised Plinth with Worktop

Seasonal display with fresh fruits in Artisan wooden crates.

Rustic Merchandising pallets with Rustic Shop Accessories, Gift Shop Displays

CD063aj | 1m Raised Plinths and Merchandising Pallets

Christmas retail central display.

Rustic Merchandising pallets with Rustic Shop Accessories, Gift Shop Displays, Hanging display, Slat Screen, Chrsitmas Shop Display

CD063ah | 2m Raised Plinth with Wooden Worktop and Slatwall Panel

Merchandising hook rack above central Christmas retail plinth display.


CD063ca | 1m Raised Plinths Island Display

Supermarket fruit display in wicker baskets.

Medium 640mm x 500mm Plinth Modules:

Garden Centre rustic plinths, modular display units, retail merchandising shops

FT006a | 640mm Pedestal


CD065ea 640mm Cube on Raised Plinth


CD063ba | 640mm Pedestals Low Level Island


CD063ad | Stepped Plinths


CD063f | Plinth display using Narrow Chunky Crates


CD063cc | 1m Raised Plinths

Small 500mm x 400mm Plinth Module:


FT006b | 500mm Pedestal


CD066ha | 500mm Pedestal with Cube Top

Gift Shop Pedestals-with-white-bases-and-slat-screen-top

CD063gb | Pedistals and 1m Slatted Panel

Wooden display equipment, home retail and gift shops, rustic interior design

CD063ga | Pedestal and Plinth Shop Display


CD063ce | Stepped Plinths with Pineboard Top

Small plinth Cube shop display

CD066e | Plinths and Stepped Smaller Cubes

Impulse queuing system displays with wicker and rustic wooden plinths

CD071b | In Queue 3m Plinth with Merchandising Risers and Pallets

Bakery wooden display plinths and Cubes

CD065ia | 560mm Plinths with Cube, no finishing touches

Using Plinths with Artisan Crate Display System:

retail plinth and Cubes Display

CD070bc | Retail Cube Display with Wooden Plinth

garden centre cubes, modular retail display, wooden shelving, warehouse, houseplant, home decor, free standing

CD056d | Set of Cube Tables with Crate Stack

Modular Cube System. Rustic Plinth Shop Display

CD066ea | Central Island with Narrow Open Stack

Gift shop cube display, open stepped shelving

CD070ba | Front of Store Cube Island (with chunky worktop)


Variation of CD005d


CD063af | Low Level Plinth Island


BD005d | Table Top Sloper with Wicker Baskets


CD063a | Stepped 1m Plinths with Counter Top


CD063ac | 2m Plinth with Wide Counter Top Above

Checkout Line display system, wooden slatwall

CD071a | Checkout Line Hanging Display

Wooden, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Slat wall, Slat Screen, Hanging, Pet Shop, Retail, Garden Centre, Clothes

CD063gd | 1500mm Slat Screen on Pedestals


FTC005e | Deep Narrow Plinths with Finishing Touches Display


CD059b | 800mm Pallet End Display

Rustic Merchandising pallets with Rustic Shop Accessories, Gift Shop Displays

FT007d | Merchandising Riser Display


FT007a | 800mm Pallet

Rustic Shop Accessories, wicker baskets for retail merchandising, merchandising plinths for Gift Shop Displays

FT007e | 1m Merchandising Pallet and Wicker Display

retail wicker basket display, retail shop, fruit & veg, farm shop, in-store fittings

FTC001c | Set of Wicker Baskets on Merchandising Risers


FTC001b | Wicker Baskets with Chunky Risers


FT008db | 500mm Wicker Basket on 250mm Chunky Riser

Wicker round baskets

FTC001da | Shallow Wicker Round Trays with Merchandising Risers

Wicker merchandising stand

FTC001db | Shallow Wicker Round Tray with Merchandising Riser


FTC006cb | Set of Merchandising display with rustic risers


FTC006ab | Table Top Risers 600mm & two 400mm


FTC006ca | Merchandising Risers with Wicker Basket


FTC006F | Set of Merchandising Risers with Chunky Wooden Tops


FTC006FA | Merchandising Risers with Chunky Wooden Tops

wooden Merchandising-riser-set-FTC006ga

FTC006FA | Merchandising Risers with Chunky Wooden Tops


FT002h | Hessian/Cotton Sack Stand with Base Support


MR002b | 400mm Merchandising Riser at 220mm high


FTC003b | Set of Hessian Dump Bins on Merchandising Risers


FTC003e | Set Hessian Dump Bins


DB003a 500mm Tall Hessian Dump Bin with 370mm False Base


DB002a | 360mm Tall Hessian Dump Bin with 200mm False Base


FTC003ba | Set of Hessian Dump Bins on Merchandising Risers