Retail Cube System:

Create stunning retail displays with Linkshelving’s rustic range of merchandising cubes, metal framed cubes with timber decks, chunky wooden crates and a wide range of merchandising shop props. The versatility of the retail cube system allows store owners to construct dynamic central displays for ever changing store interiors, including display gondolas. Click on any of the combinations below for product breakdown and pricing:

Central Display, Wood and Metal display, Gifts, Ambient Food, Modular, Retail, potting shed

CD055ad | Cubes & Crates with Table End

Open Cube Retail Islands.

Cube retailing display system, using the 1m cube alongside the 500mm x 500mm Cubes alternating with back to back wooden crates. A dynamic central island display offering height and depth. A popular combination with, Garden Centres, Department Stores and Christmas Shops.

Modular open cube display. wooden decked cubes

Counter019d | Artisan Stepped Cubes with Wide Counter-Top.

Retail Display Cube Table.

Using two heights of Artisan Crate 1m Cubes, raised plinths and chunky wooden counter top to produce a stepped retail cube table central shop display, ideal for; deli’s, foodhalls and canteens. The Counter019d has been designed to work with the Artisan Crate range of Wicker Baskets and Merchandising Risers for enhancing your retail interior and drive sales.

Retail cube system, Central Display, Wood and Metal display, Gifts, Ambient Food, Modular, Retail, Cubes, home interiors, house plant

Retail Interior Displays | CD056d Set of Cube Tables with Crate Stack


CD055ac | Cubes & Crates Central Stack


Retail Interior Tables | CD070e Cube with Rustic Table

Front-of-store rustic display cube

Display Cube Interiors | CD070ac 1m Cube with Raised Plinth


Retail Cube shelving | Coffee shop wooden display unit wd064cb


Retail Furniture Cube Table | CD066f Open Cube & Crates on 1500mm Table


Retail Cube Display | CD066c Open Backed Cube & Crate Wall Display 400mm Deep

Central Display, Wood and Metal display, Gifts, Ambient Food, Modular, Retail 0

Retail Open Crate Display | CD066cd 400mm Cubes and Crates Stepped Divisional Display


Retail Cube Display | CD056haa 1m Cube with Raised Plinth

Central retail shop interior display

Retail Central Displays | CD056ab Cube Island Display on Raised Plinth


CD055f | Cubes & Crate Island

retail outlet shelving, warehouse gift shop cube display

CD055b | Artisan Cube Central Display


CD070ab | 1m Cube on 300mm Plinth with Wooden Worktop

Gift shop cube display

CD070bb | Cube Island on Raised Plinths


Stacking Retail Cubes | CD066ce Low Level Cubes on Raised Plinth

shop table with stacking crates, classic wooden trestle table

CD066g | 1500mm Trestle Table with Cubes above

Gift shop open crates, counter display, urban deli

Retail Interiors | CD070d 1m High Cube on 300mm Plinth x3


CD056ha | Large Cube Island at Mixed Heights


Cube Display System | CD067b Stepped Narrow Cubes on Raised Plinth

Central Display, Wall Display, Window Display, Wood and Metal display, Gifts, Ambient Food, Modular, Bakery, Retail

Retail Cube Display Unit | CD066a 2m Open Cube Wall Display


Retail Cubes | CD052a 2m Artisan Cubes Central Display


Retail Interiors | CD055f Cubes & Crate Island

cube and crate shop shelving display

Retail Stacking Cube Display Unit | CD067a 1200mm Cube Island


WD075b | 1800mm Wide Cubes with Chunky Narrow Crate Central Feature Window Display


Retail Interior Cubes | Counter019 Counter with Table Ends

food market cube display, wooden deck shelving

CD070b | 1m Cube Island

Central Display, Wood and Metal display, Gifts, Ambient Food, Modular, Bakery, Retail 0

CD066da | Central Low Stack with 400mm Cubes and Crates

Cube islands:

Modular Cube and Crate island display using our 400mm wide & 500mm high Crates. Ideal for open central displays, simple to build and easy to change.

retail-cube-system. chunky cubes, central store wooden gondola, chunk crates, retail display

CD067c | Cube Island with Narrow Deep Cubes

Crate Gondola:

Alternating between Cube & Crate offers versitile layouts and appealling displays. Popular for front of store impulse.

Retail cube display window unit

Retail Cube Display Unit | Wd075a Chunky Cube & Crate Window Display 1900mm high

Modular Cube System. Rustic Plinth Shop Display

CD066ea | Central Island with Narrow Open Stack


CD065ia | 560mm Plinths with Cube, no finishing touches


CD065ib | 560mm Plinths with Cube, with finishing touches

Bakery-island-display, front-of-store-cubes, Wooden-shop-centre-gondola

Merchandising Cubes | CD065a 640mm Cube Island

rustic shop display system, chunky wooden shelving store interior

Merchandising Cubes | CD066d Central Stack with 400mm Deep Cubes and Crates


Merchandising Cube Stack | CD066ab Narrow Deep Cube Stack


CD066ha | 500mm Pedestal with Cube Top


Wi031ca | Central Wine Display on Gift tables with Cubes, Crates and Finishing Touches


Wi031e Wine Island on Stepped Plinths


Wooden Shop Cubes | CD056e Cubes Island on Raised Plinth


CD065ea 640mm Cube on Raised Plinth


CD066hc | Small Gift Pedestal Island


CD066gb | 1500mm Trestle Tables with Stepped Cubes


CD065ea | Cube on raised plinth with Hessian finishing touches for juicing bar


CD065ea | Cube on raised plinth with Galvanised and sack bins finishing touches for fresh seasonal display


CD065ia | Cube on raised plinth with wicker finishing touches for fruit display


CD065ia | Cube on raised plinth with waiters table andwicker finishing touches for Bakery display


WD075a Chunky Cube Display (background). CD066ga 1500mm Trestle Tables & Cubes Island(foreground)


Wood and Metal, Rustic, Natural, Fit out, Retail, Central Display, Gifts, Food Hall, Farm Shop

CD064bb | Raised Shop Cube & Plinth Central Display

What are our Artisan Retail Tables and Cubes all about?

Looking for higher retail sales with inspiring merchandising displays? Our retail shop furniture and cube system could be the answer. Artisan Crate retail tables and cubes have simple open metal frames and when combining with our wooden crate shelving, exciting things start happening. See below for a number of combinations to explain:

Wood and Metal Display, Rustic Natural interiors, Modular Display, Central Display, Retail Store, Free Standing Display

Click on the image below for link to Cube brochure:

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Retail cube system in modules of 400mm 500mm and 1m. Rustic Retail Interiors combining metal cubes and wooden crates.